MoE and MoEP merged with few changes

The merger between the Ministry of Electric Power (MoEP) and the Ministry of Energy (MoE), which was approved at the beginning of the new government’s administration, has reportedly been completed under the banner of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MoEE).
According to a 2 May report in the Myanmar Times, there are few major changes within the newly combined institution, and the transition involved ‘minimal’ job cuts.
All departments were kept intact with the exception of an additional unit under the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), which is an updated version of the Energy Planning Department that had been disbanded in 2015.
This was the department that the new MoEE minister, U Pe Zin Htun, headed before becoming permanent secretary of the MoE in 2015.
The change requires formal approval by parliament, which is expected in the coming weeks.
The ministry has over 37,000 staff, with the authority for up to 66,000 personnel, according to the report.
The new permanent secretary of the MoEE, a role second in command beneath the minister, will be the former permanent secretary of the MoEP, U Htain Lwin.
There will also be two Deputy Permanent Secretaries, which will have authority over the respective departments and enterprises split amongst the two ministries.
U Pe Zin Htun became the incoming MoEE head after Aung San Suu Kyi decided to step down from the role on 4 April.
He served as director general of the Energy Planning Department within the MoE until 2015, when he became a permanent secretary. 
He previously worked as a production manager for Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), in addition to serving as an officer in the Myanmar military.
The structure of the new MoEE is below:
Union Minister of Electricity and Energy
Permanent Secretary
2 Deputy Permanent Secretaries
10 State-owned Enterprises and Departments


List of 10 Enterprises and Departments

# of


Myanma Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE) 10
Myanma Petrochemical Enterprise (MPE) 5
Myanma Petroleum Products Enterprise (MPPE) 4
Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE) 5
Electric Power Generation Enterprise (EPGE) 5
Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation (YESC) 4
Mandalay Electricity Supply Corporation (MESC) 4
Department of Electric Power Transmission and System Control (DTSC) 5
Department of Hydro Power Implementation (DHPI) 15
Department of Electric Power Planning (DEPP) 5




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